Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Auditions for "Trouble at the Tropicabana!"

Barn Players, Inc are holding open casting for this spring’s dinner theatre “Trouble at the Tropicabana”.  Open auditions for adults are:

Thursday, February 28th & Tuesday, March 5th
Miles City Public Library

“Tropicabana” an "I Love Lucy" spoof with seven available parts--six of medium size and one small part and a few non-speaking roles.  If you plan to audition for Ricky, be ready to sing!  This is a fairly short play and ab-libbing is encouraged!

Travel back in time to the 1950s where the men were men and the women were wives...or cabana dancers...  Join your favorite "I Love Lucy" characters:  Ricky, Lucy, Fred, and Ethel on a crazy adventure in search of fame and fortune.  Movie mogul heiress Miss Ceila B. De Milo thinks Ricky has the right stuff to become the next "Cuban Clark Gable" but what he does not know is that Miss De Milo is really Cookie; gun-toting, sweet-talking partner-in-crime to none other than notorious gangster, Mr. Big.  The deadly duo has their sights on Ricky to take the fall for their next big heist-- robbing the bank that shares a wall with the Tropicabana!  Add in Ricky's illegal alien cousin Rosita, some cute cabana girls, classic Lucy and Ethel hijinks, and some high octane Cuban rum and you know someone is going to get hurt or even... murdered!

Performance dates for this dinner theatre are scheduled for April 19th and 20th at the Park Place.  Please e-mail the director, Teresa Foley, at jsus_frk2000@yahoo.com, or call the Barn Players at (406) 951-0560 if you have any questions.

The Barn Players, Inc have been providing live, amateur theatre in Miles City since 1950. “Tropicabana” is our Spring opener, with the Children’s Musical auditions coming soon.