Friday, February 25, 2011

Set Build Saturday, March 12th

Set Build for "The Pale Pink Dragon" has been scheduled:

Saturday, March 12th 9:00am at the VA Auditorium

Adults and youth over the age of twelve are invited to come help out with set build and decoration.  Please wear appropriate paint/work clothes.  The more people that assist, the quicker the work will go.  :-)


Build and paint the backdrops
Paint and re-upholster the four thrones
Build and decorate the witch's tree
Build and paint forest shrubbery

The following tools/items might be useful:  electric drill (we provide torq bits), extension cord, paint rollers (we will provide the naps), small electric jigsaw, electric stapler (we will provide staples).  (Be sure to label any items you bring so they don't get lost or confused with Barn materials).

If you have any questions about Build, please contact the Directors!  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Annual Membership Meeting

Calling all Barn Players Members!

It is time for the Annual Membership Meeting:

Monday, March 14th
Miles City Public Library- Public Meeting Room


Call to Order (President Dan Hance)
Additions to the Agenda
Financial Report (Sec/Treasurer Hannah Nash)

Show Updates:
The Pale Pink Dragon Status (Dan Hance, Hannah Nash, AnneMarie Wallette)
The King & I Status (Membership)
Fall Production ?

Business New/Old:
Update on status of VA Memorandum of Understanding (Board Members)
Storage of Barn Items: set pieces, building materials, costumes (Membership)



Additions to the agenda may be made by anyone attending the meeting either at the start of the meeting, or in advance by contacting the Secretary/Treasurer at or by phone (406) 951-0560.

This meeting is open to the public.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Needed by March 1st for Every Actor!

Please bring a large, brown grocery sack (or similar upright bag or sized container) for your child's exclusive costume, makeup and prop use in the dressing room. These bags or containers help keep each actor's stuff separate in a busy dressing area during the show.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ticket Sales

In anticipation of strong ticket sales for "The Pale Pink Dragon", tickets will go on sale before the original posted sale date of March 15th.

Hannah has the fun job of handling the ticket excitement, so all sales will go through her.  Once tickets are made available, she can be reached by email [ or] or via cellphone call or text [(406) 951-0560].

Remember:  tickets for the show do not have to be purchased in advanced, but reservations are encouraged (which can be paid for at the door the night of the production).

If any patrons require extra accommodations:  wheelchair, walker, reserved seating, hearing/sight issues; please let Hannah know prior to the show date and she can make the necessary arrangements.

We will announce to parents and the public soon!

Photo of Your Child

Hello Parents of "The Pale Pink Dragon" actors!

In the entry-way of the theatre during the performances, the Barn Directors put together a collage featuring the names and photos of all our young actors.

By Tuesday, March 15th, please provide the Barn Players with a photograph of your child.  The photo does not need to be a professional head shot; but think about using a photo that captures the uniqueness and personality of your child.

Some photo guidelines:
No larger than 4x6.
If emailing, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF are all acceptable formats.

How to get the photo to the Directors:  a physical photo can be dropped off with Dan or Hannah at any rehearsal, or the photo can be emailed to [ or].  Any physical photos will gladly be returned once we've had the opportunity to scan them.  If you do not have access to a photo, please ask Dan or Hannah at any rehearsal, and they would be glad to take a digital photo of your child!  :)