Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Way Out West" Cast Announcement!

Thank you for your patience while the final cast list is decided.  Everyone gave a fantastic audition, and I look forward to working with all of you!

Roger/Rogaine  Bert
Carrie O'Key  Carilee
Clarence/Claire Rawl  Dan
Melody Plunkett  Katie
Jessica James  Sharla
Colt Revolver  Parker
Eileen Dover  Bonnie Beth
Russell Grubb  Candee
Phillip Glass  Zach
Sadie Blessing  Addie
Smitty Black  Gavin
Barbara Seville Jessie
Nell Clipper  Waynetta
R.I. Peay  David
Bill Holder/Heide Gray Heather
Levy Fines  Sarin
Rhoda  Teresa
Will Reader  Liz
Bob Burr/Bobbie Pinz  McKinsey

See everyone at Wednesday's rehearsal, 7:00pm at the VA Auditorium.  (MCC students receiving credit begin at 6:00pm).