Friday, June 29, 2012

Cast List Announced, "Op'ry"

Phantom of the Op’ry
Guppy, Elizabeth G.
Louisa, Jessie L.
Junior Hamster, David K.
Silky Acidtongue, Bart F.
Zaza, Kolleen G.
Mimi, Jenna L.
Lulu, Jenny M.
Felicity, Michelle R.
Flufferduff, Jade S.
Humphrey, Joey
Chester, Jordan
Smokey Fish, Curtis R.
Minerva, Aggie P.
Mrs. Swansong, Cecilia F.
Dora, Sue M.
Salome, Michelle B.
Carlotta, Teresa F.
Lt. Farleigh, Bert P.
Erik Phantom, Dan H.
Christine, Lena S.
Madame Barracuda, Stacy H.

We will have our first practice MONDAY, JULY 9th at the LIBRARY, 7:00-8:30pm.
(Yes, I had said we would start next week, but I completely forgot I was on vacation-- whoops!)

Please make arrangements with me to pick up your script, music practice CD, and musical score ASAP. I am in the office until 6pm on Friday, and am at work Saturday 9am-5pm. I am out of town for a few days next week, so be sure to get your stuff before I leave. I can also bring the stuff to you if you contact me (call or text 951-0560). Let the memorization BEGIN!

The Directing Team looks forward to working with each of you-- we are very lucky to have such talent in Miles City!


Hannah, Director
Katie, Assistant
Sue, Production

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Phantom of the Op'ry Auditions

Barn Players, Inc. are proud to announce auditions for...

The Phantom of the Op'ry: The Musical

Tuesday, June 26th 6:00-7:00pm
Wednesday, June 27th, 6:00-7:00pm
Public Meeting Room, Miles City Public Library

21 parts are available for junior-high and up actors and actresses. Please bring a short musical piece to perform (NON-singing parts are also available); parts range from large to small. 

Performance Dates: August 17-19.

"Phantom" is a musical comedy-parody with lots of opportunities for laughter, physical comedy, silly songs, fancy costumes,and much more!

Forget Broadway! Forget Paris! This musical restaging of Gaston Leroux’s famous mystery beats them all for laughs. The flaky Op’ry House is located in Skunk Creek, Nevada. There’s fun aplenty as the phantom laughingly makes a star of "too good to be true" Christine Swansong, who dreams of a musical career. But star attraction Carlotta Barracuda will stop at nothing to see that she doesn’t get it. However, the spooky phantom’s goal is to see that Christine will replace Carlotta... or else! What is the phantom’s dark secret? Will he strike again? Musical show stoppers add to the intensive spark of this show, including "I Enjoy Being a Ghoul," "Absent With Leave" and "Patrons of the Arts."

Please spread the word on auditions to anyone who might be interested. If the listed audition times do not work for you, please contact Director Hannah Nash (406-951-0560, barnplays(AT) and we can make alternative audition arrangements.