Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Bad Year For Tomatoes

Hi again folks!  Due to the short time before the next show, we have changed course once again and decided to do a play we were considering for the fall.  Since it consisted of a small cast and we had such a short time frame to get the production ready, it seemed like the perfect thing to do!

"A Bad Year For Tomatoes" by John Patrick (Cheating Cheaters, A Barrel Full of Pennies) tells the story of a fed up actress that leaves the pressures and demands of her acting career, to write her autobiography in a tiny New England town.  She is successful in turning aside the offers pressed on her by her long-time agent, but dealing with her "Friendly" neighbors proves to be a different matter.

The Cast for Tomatoes is as follows:

Myra Marlowe - Sue Miles
Tom Lamont - Tim Miles
Cora Gump - Stacy Hubbel
Reba Harper - Sharla Jerrel
Piney - Bert Pezzarossi
Willa Mae Wilcox - Teresa Foley
Sheriff - David Kaiser

A Bad Year For Tomatoes is slated for August 5th-7th at the VA Auditorium.

I also wanted to take this time to thank all of those who auditioned for "The King and I".  We are currently in the process of selecting a show for the fall production, with the hope that we will be able to count on many of your talents.

Best Regards,

Dan Hance

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cancellation of "The King & I"

Rodger & Hammerstein's "The King & I" required a cast of 67 individuals. The Barn was not able to secure even half of the required numbers to produce this show.  In light of this news, "The King & I" has been cancelled for Summer 2011.

A smaller, adult cast show "The Savage Dilemma" by John Patrick will be produced in early August.

It is unfortunate that the Barn was unable to produce a large musical this summer, but the group hopes to aim for a large production this fall.

The cast for "The Savage Dilemma" will be announced soon.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for "The King & I" and the enthusiasm the Miles City Orchestra and community showed for a large-scale musical production-- we look forward to bringing one to the stage soon!